Battery Factory Program

Lead Program for Battery Factory
IMPORTANT! If you are a Factory you may request your first lead for FREE

Factory to Latin America & Caribbean Connection Program

Mercontainer International offers battery factories the affordable and cost effective option to penetrate the Latin American and Caribbean
markets. We Speak their culture, we don’t only speak their language but also understand the culture from inside-out. We understand that dealing with Latin America and the Caribbean is a very particular process and we are here to help you.

In order to avoid having to deal with clients that will not handle large volume we have developed a network of battery distributors which is updated on a daily basis with the main goal of keeping only distributors that handle large volumes.

Mercontainer International just launched a Factory to Latin America & Caribbean Connection Program to provide factories that target the Latin America and Caribbean markets with warm leads that want their products and only handle large quantities in a recurrent basis. You will receive a message with the request from the distributor for the product they are looking for, once you realize your product might be a good fit, just request access to their contact information. That easy.

Once Mercontainer International provides the distributor information upon the factory request to obtain it, through the Factory to Latin America & Caribbean Connection Program, the factory will be charged $19.95.  The first lead is FREE!